Video-Support-Package: Service package for lecturers starting into video production

Want to get started with video creation but don't know where to start? Or have you ever thought about visually enhancing your lecture materials, but are unsure how to go about it? Then our university didactics seminar "Video Support Package" is just what you need!

Our seminar content is designed specifically for university instructors who want to get to grips with video production but have little or no previous experience in this area. It doesn't matter if you're a complete novice or someone who has already taken their first steps in video production - we'll adapt to your skill level and needs.

What to expect:

  1. Introduction to the basics of video production: here you'll learn the technical aspects, from filming to lighting to post-production.
  2. Hands-on work with green screen technology: experience first-hand how to use this technology to create stunning backgrounds and effects for your videos.
  3. E-tutor support: your personal e-tutor is on hand to help you put what you've learned into practice - from shooting to video editing.
  4. Rhetorical and didactical support: the university didactician and experienced video producer Paul Dölle supports you in the design of the video project.
  5. Creating your own (test) recordings: Here you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned and produce your own videos, with support from our experienced team.

Our seminar offers a strong support package for all teachers who want to get started in video production. The combination of theory and practice, complemented by individual mentoring, provides a comprehensive and effective learning experience. Take this opportunity to take your learning materials to the next level and provide an engaging and effective learning environment for your students.

Be bold and take the first step towards video production - we look forward to your participation!


The date doesn't fit your schedule? No problem - we are willing to organize this training for you and your colleages on individual appointment. Starting from 4 participants


Instructor Paul Dölle
Paul Dölle from ZHL will be happy to answer any questions you may have. He is a staff member of the Center forTeaching and Learning in Higher Education (ZHL). He has been interested in digital teaching-learning resources since 2014 and conducts seminars on digital and many topics in higher education didactics. Most important topics of his portfolio are the Flipped Classroom, activation of students with analog and digital means, moderation of small and large groups, training of tutors and e-tutors. He is part of the monitoring group of the project "Enhancing Quality in Digitally Supported Teaching". The seminar program of the ZHL is organized by him. 
More about Paul Dölle:

University: Universität Bayreuth
Seminar host: Paul Dölle
Seminar ID: FBZHL UBT WS2324 28S Videosupport
Center for Teaching an Learning at the University of Bayreuth
Universitätsstraße 30, Bayreuth
This seminar will take place in PRESENCE! We'll meet in the room 4.2.12-13 in the "Bürocenter Bayreuth Süd", also called "Zapf Haus 4", ground floor.
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barrier-free access
Dates: 05.02.2024 , 09:00 - 12:30 Uhr

The following attendance fees apply:

  • Für alle Lehrenden (wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter*innen, Professor*innen, Lehrkräfte für besondere Aufgaben) an einer Bayerischen Universität mit einer Vollzeitstelle (75% bis 100% Arbeitszeit), 20 €
  • Für alle Lehrenden (wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter*innen, Professor*innen, Lehrkräfte für besondere Aufgaben) an einer Bayerischen Universität mit einer Teilzeitstelle (bis einschl. 74,9% Arbeitszeit), 12 €
  • Lehrende von Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften und Personen ohne Zugehörigkeit zu einer Bayerischen Hochschule zahlen den Teilnahmepreis für Externe, 200 €
  • Für studentische Tutor:innen, XR-Tutor:innen sowie E-Tutor:innen kostenlos, 0 €

Available slots: 4 slots, thereof 1 available
Stufe: Basic and advanced level
Credible hours: Area A with 2 operation units
Area B with 4 operation units
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