Universität Augsburg

With 17,600 students, the University of Augsburg is the sixth largest university in Bavaria. The campus university offers excellent study conditions in economics and law, in numerous social science and humanities subjects, as well as in the key scientific and technological disciplines of mathematics, physics, computer science, geography. Interdisciplinary research is the basis for novel courses of study that are geared to current challenges.

Higher Education Didactics


The "ProfiLehrePlus" project aims to strengthen certified continuing education in higher education didactics within the framework of an already existing cooperation between Bavarian universities.

The goal of the University of Augsburg is to continuously expand and differentiate the continuing education offerings according to subject areas and different groups of teachers - both locally and with the process-accompanying involvement of the students as well as in association with the cooperation partners.

Following the analysis of already existing offers and the determination of the need for further education differentiated by departments and status groups, the University of Augsburg plans to adapt the existing offers and to implement the further education courses. The annual interim evaluations of the project as a whole as well as of the continuing education events are to be linked with the evaluation of the courses of the participating persons. This will make it possible to include students' assessments of the quality of teaching, to trace individual development trajectories of individual teachers, and thus to assess the success of the continuing education measures.

After completion of the project, the program is to be financed by the University of Augsburg's own income and contributions. The courses offered are to be extended to other university target groups at differentiated prices. For this purpose, a cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education and Knowledge Transfer (ZWW) of the University of Augsburg is sought. The existing system will be consolidated on the basis of the network "Universitätsdidaktik Bayern - ProfiLehrePlus".

Teachers will benefit from a broad, transparent and attractive range of courses, which will be more comprehensive and versatile than before due to the possibilities of the network. The optimized program will gain in popularity through the initially funded expansion, resulting in an overall improvement in teaching quality.