Using Humour in the Classroom

This online workshop aims to help lecturers to use humour in the classroom successfully. We will discuss how humour can be used as a tool to boost content retention and to heighten our rapport with students. Although we will discuss some theory related to humour, the main design of the course is to be as practical as possible. It will provide participants with a range of techniques designed to bring fun and humour to the classroom, and participants will practise a number of techniques themselves through controlled exercises. As well as considering good practice, the course will also point out types of humour to avoid, including forms of humour that may be culturally inappropriate or offensive.  By the end of the course, participants will feel more confident in integrating humour into their classroom activities in order to create a memorable learning environment.


  • Greater understanding of the benefits of humour and its uses
  • Ability to adapt humour to specific audiences
  • Awareness of a range of techniques to bring fun and humour to the classroom
  • Knowledge of what to do if ‘it all goes wrong’
  • Increased confidence in putting the theory of fun and humour into practice


  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Individual and pair work
  • Class discussion Practical exercises
  • Videos

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University: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Seminar host: Dr. Darren Paul Foster
via Zoom, Sie erhalten die Zugangsdaten bis einen Tag vor Seminarbeginn.

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barrier-free access
Dates: 21.02.2024 , 09:00 - 16:30 Uhr

The following attendance fees apply:

  • Lehrende einer Bayerischen Universität mit Vollzeitstelle (75-100%), 40 €
  • Lehrende einer Bayerischen Universität mit Teilzeitstelle (bis 74,9%), 24 €
  • Lehrende einer anderen Universität oder Fachhochschule, 320 €

Available slots: 12 slots, thereof 0 available
Stufe: Basic and advanced level
Credible hours: Area B with 8 operation units
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