Organizing asynchronous phases for teaching and learning [DiL]

During the pandemic in 2020 the switch to online teaching had to take place very quickly. After more than a year of teaching online, universities and their employees had time to reflect the challenges and opportunities of a wide range of experiences. At this point teachers are able to let go of a remote emergency teaching style and think about how to further develop their competencies in online teaching. Focusing on asynchronous teaching arrangements, this workshop aims at collecting different possibilities to enhance student learning.


  • Didactic designs using asynchronous teaching and learning phases
  • Different possibilities for asynchronous teaching and learning (f.e. on Moodle).
  • Discussion about Do’s and Don’ts when planning asynchronous tasks
  • Transfer to own teaching contexts
  • Exchange amongst colleagues and feedback

Learning outcomes
After this workshop participants are able to
… identify technical tools to implement asynchronous tasks online
… consider different types of online-tasks and choose correspondent to the learning outcomes
… recognize subtleties for setting successful e-learning tasks: student communication, organizing feedback loops, grading, etc.
… reflect their own teaching contexts and transfer the new impulses to their specific teaching practice

Participants are invited to reflect on their own teaching formats, when planning to use asynchronous phases as an opportunity to arrange learning. The workshop leads through different possibilities of implementing asynchronous tasks online. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in discussions and transfer their findings and insights to their own teaching contexts.

•    Part I Synchronous Meeting (Zoom) (3 AE)
•    Part II Self-Learning asynchronously, with individual Feedback (2 AE)
•    Part III Synchronous Meeting (Zoom): (3 AE)

University: Universität Bayreuth
Seminar host: Dr. Lisa David
Seminar ID: FBZHL UBT WS2122 60DiL Asynchron
FBZHL der Universität Bayreuth
Nürnbergerstr. 38, Bayreuth
Dieses Seminar findet rein virtuell statt und wird mittels ZOOM organisiert. Sie benötigen dafür einen Computer mit Mikrofon und Kamera. Alles Weitere erfahren Sie per E-Mail.
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barrier-free access
Dates: 23.11.2021 , 09:00 - 11:15 Uhr
30.11.2021 , 09:00 - 11:15 Uhr

The following attendance fees apply:

  • Für alle Lehrenden (wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter*innen, Professor*innen, Lehrkräfte für besondere Aufgaben) mit einer Vollzeitstelle (75% bis 100% Arbeitszeit), 40 €
  • Für alle Lehrenden (wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter*innen, Professor*innen, Lehrkräfte für besondere Aufgaben) mit einer Teilzeitstelle (bis einschl. 74,9% Arbeitszeit), 24 €
  • Lehrende von Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften zahlen den Teilnahmepreis für Externe, 390 €
  • Personen ohne Zugehörigkeit zu einer bayerischen Hochschule, 390 €

Available slots: 12 slots, thereof 7 available
Stufe: Basic and advanced level
Credible hours: Area A with 6 operation units
Area D with 2 operation units
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