Certificate programme "Teaching with international students" at the University of Bayreuth with at least 50 AE

This ProfiLehrePlus course is a platform for our lecturers to indicate their participation in the certificate programme "Interculturally competent teaching".
Participation is possible for teachers who teach courses at the University of Bayreuth.
The seminar offers are repeated regularly, at least annually.

The Interculturality Network has been working on a training programme for members of the University of Bayreuth on the topic of interculturality since 2018. A supplementary study programme for students was launched in 2020. In 2022, we published a new, relevant advanced training programme that builds on existing offerings from various UBT institutions. Teachers, researchers and administrative support staff can now each complete their own certificate programme. In doing so, they work on intercultural competences that they can apply in their working day.  Internationalisation at the University of Bayreuth has continuously increased and also forms a university politic objective. International students are highly welcome and attend the lectures at UBT. In addition to possible language problems, there are often misunderstandings about how to deal with learning processes. Teaching and learning cultures can be very different in an international context. With the certificate "Teaching with international students", we would like to support all UBT teachers in taking an analytical look at teaching and learning situations with international students and optimising them for all involved. Trained intercultural trainers are at your disposal here and with the certificate you can also make your acquired competences visible to the outside world.The certificate programme for teachers is based at the Center for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education of the University of Bayreuth. The certificate programme is divided into several modules. Teachers attend all courses to complete the certificate.

The certificate programme is divided into several modules. Teachers attend all courses to complete the certificate.

Introductory course:

Advanced course, choice of two courses:

Transfer to own course:

  • Implementation of the impulses from the seminars in a teaching project accompanied by interculturality experts, including conception, implementation, evaluation, reflection report (15 AE)
  • Hospitation of interculturality experts in own course including observation report (8 units)

Optional, to reach 50 units of work (Arbeitseinheiten):

  • Seminars on building language competence at the Language Centre (contact Robert Wolf), or
  • Seminars at the Writing Centre of the University of Bayreuth with an international focus (contact Ms Kathrin Stöver).

Next step:

After your registration, please write an email to Frank Meyer to arrange an appointment. During the interview, the exact, individual course of the certificate programme will be discussed. The interview can take place in person or virtually.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Any queries are welcome. 

Your contacts: Paul Dölle and PD Dr. Frank Meyer

University: Universität Bayreuth
Seminar host: Paul Dölle, Dr. Frank Meyer
Seminar ID: ZHL UBT Certificate Interculturality 2024
Center for Teaching an Learning at the University of Bayreuth
Nürnbergerstr. 38, Bayreuth
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barrier-free access
Dates: 01.03.2024

The following attendance fees apply:

  • Registration for the certificate programme is free of charge. The seminars are subject to a fee. Transfer support is free of charge. , 0 €

Available slots: 10 slots, thereof 9 available
Stufe: Basic and advanced level
Credible hours: Area A with 20 operation units
Area B with 20 operation units
Area D with 10 operation units
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