Welcome to ProfiLehrePlus!

Here at the network ProfiLehrePlus of the Bavarian universities, we would like to give you an initial overview of the project. You will find information about the structure and history of the project (What is ProfiLehrePlus?), get to know the people behind the project (our team) and find information about the universities participating in the project ProfiLehrePlus.

Our sites will inform you about the certificate ProfiLehrePlus as well as about seminars and news on topics of higher education didactics. Finally, the blog gives you the opportunity to participate in a professional exchange with teachers and students at other universities. 

On the „Seminars“ page you will find all the ProfiLehrePlus seminars that are offered by participating universities. By creating a summary of all the offers we’d like to support you in your choice of seminars and contribute to your success in developing your teaching skills in higher education.

What is ProfiLehrePlus?

And what should be achieved through ProfiLehrePlus? Detailed information and answers can be found here.


This forum allows for a professional exchange regarding higher education didactics. Furthermore, you can find seminar information about specific subjects here.

The ProfiLehrePlus certificate

Which courses must I sign up for? What subject areas are available? How can I obtain the certificate? You can find answers to these questions and more here.